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Willow Springs Lioness Club
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Willow Springs Lioness

The Willow Springs Lioness Club makes contributions to a variety of programs including:

o The Willow Springs Village Children's Christmas Party 
o Willow Springs School 
0 Scholarships 
0 Argo High School 
0 Used Eyeglasses Collection 
0 Willow Springs Food Pantry 
0 Lions of Illinois Foundation 
0 Chicago Radio Info Service (CRIS) 
0 Chicago Light House for the Blind 
0 Seeing Eye and Hearing Dogs 
0 Willow Springs Park District

The Community Services provided by the Willow Springs Lioness Club, are financed primarily though fund-raising projects such as:

Chili Dinner
Jewel Shop & Share Dates
Donations from the Community

The Willow Springs Lionesses have been actively serving the needs of our community since our Charter in 1985. We work in close cooperation with our sponsoring Lions Club.

Our members are dedicated to serving our community, the visually impaired, and those less fortunate.

If you are interested in being a member or for more information, contact: Diana Baines @ 708-839-0029 or - check us out on facebook - Willow Springs Lioness (group)